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Crêperie Bretagne in Malmö, Sweden

This week I went to a café, and these pictures were taken with this class in mind. It was a while since I watched it, but I haven't dropped it ever since. Every time I go out for food or fika (the swedish time where we drink something and eat pastry, almost always a couple of friends and sit there talking for an hour or two), I think about where I place myself in the room, as close to windows as possible, etc. Anyway, here's a few of the pictures I took at the food as well as the café we went to.



This café is placed just inside one of the entrances of Triangeln, a big shopping centre in the middle of Malmö. Therefore they have a harder time making it cozy, and I think they've done a great job! Great atmosphere, french music in the background and great french pastries. Their crêpes are really great, and their galettes are nice as well.



This is the honey and lemon crêpe, and it was truly great. This was my boyfriends order, and as usual I had to take some photos. I've taken a few photos from different angles, but these two caught my eye a bit more than the others. Also, the lighting was great from his side of the table, coming from my left as I stood over it. There's a bit of space between the real window and the window to the café though, so it's not as light in there as it could be.


And this was my order. I thought I'd take a piece off of the pastry (I don't know what this is called in English though?), and then place it on the spoon, and I think it looks great! I also thought a lot of the placing of my spoon, and made sure it was lined diagonally up to the upper right corner. This one is also lemon flavoured by the way, so the theme this time was kind of lemon. The bottle of Coca Cola wasn't that interresting though, so that was left out of the pictures.

Normally I do Lifestyle photo for my blog (, and there's anything from friends and portraits to recipes an dproduct photography, but it's not that "wow" feeling yet. (at least not at all times, and that's what I aim for) So any feedback would be great, I haven't done a lot of food photography before and any tips and tricks would be appreciated!

All of these pictures are taken with a Canon EOS 60D and a Canon 24 mm f/2.8 pancake lens.


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