Vanessa Vela

Digital Strategist



Coworking Space Brand Narrative

Work should feel like play... if we want it to. We shouldn’t have to work in isolation. We are social creatures. A good thing or two have come out of human interaction. We believe in the power of people.

We are all empowered by free-will. We are all free to choose.

Who says we have to conform? We can continue to. Or stop.

We are free to belong, to be focused, to teach, to learn, to interact, to like colors and sunlight.

We chose to change our surroundings. They have the power to stimulate us, to inspire us, to please our retinas. We chose to surround ourselves with people, people like us, to belong, to share, to grow off each other, to take action.

You have a spark.

Let’s make fire.


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