Cowboys - student project


After brainstorming for a couple minutes, I came up withe the idea of cowboys / rodeos.  I've only been to one rodeo before, but it gave way for some creative exploration.

My individual components were:

  • lasso
  • cowboy hat
  • cowboy boots
  • sheriff star
  • horseshoes
  • sheriff star (without text)


I personally like to sketch in a sketchbook, then transfer it onto watercolor paper.  I also practiced drawing a whole bunch of cowboy hats because their shape is a little confusing.

Cowboys - image 1 - student project

Then I transferred it to a small strip of watercolor paper. . .

Cowboys - image 2 - student project

I wanted to have a little fun with the background, so I made a flat version and a textured version of each pattern.  I spent a few hours working on the second layout because nothing was lining up, but eventually I had changed enough to make it work.  I'd like to print it and begin to build a little pattern library!

Cowboys - image 3 - student project

Cowboys - image 4 - student project

Cowboys - image 5 - student project

Cowboys - image 6 - student project