Cowboys - student project

Cowboys - image 1 - student project

In this image I have worked with  vertical and horizontal lines. The only  horizontal line is the horizon and it splits the image in 2 halfs. The main character and the cactus are the only things that spread at both those two spaces. The waste of the cowboy is at the same hight as is the horizon so as to guide the eye to the first. In order add depth I blured the cactus as well as to avoid giving it the same importance as the main character.

Thank you for your presentation
wish to all the classmates a good day
Kathrine Avraam

***I apologise for the wrong image of the cover photo. I have tried to change it for at least THIRTY times, and although it appears as it have accepted it, it  hasn't. I am sorry.***

(i found the solution! It like jpegs but hates pngs :P)