Cowboy Mike's...

Cowboy Mike's... - student project

The product label I am designing is an imaginary product from my favorite TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.  The whole title is, "Cowboy Mike's Own Original Red Hot Ricochet Barbeque Sauce."  The show is totally satirical, not to mention the skit with this bbq sauce is completely over the top.  However, I want to make this look like a real product one could purchase at a grocery store.  What I've done is look at western apparel (such as boots) and am noticing some similarities such as symmetry and curviture.  I want some hints towards MST3K aside from the title though but in a not so obvious way.  I suppose that will come to me through sketching.

I am an Illustrator who is frightened of handlettering and I hope this class will help open me up... with barbeque sauce.

Cowboy Mike's... - image 1 - student project

Jessica Hunter
Illustrator Extraordinaire at Jessica Illustrates