Covid Creations

Covid Creations - student project

I've been working on my photography lately as a way to deal with the weird and kinda messed up world we are all living in at the moment.  As a filmmaker and storyteller, I love to practice art in many forms, but I've generally always been nervous about photography: both shooting and sharing the photos.  I'm generally much more comfortable filming someone or behind a microphone, and as is often my biggest form of self-sabotage, I'm always comparing myself to what others can make and saying "there's no way I can make photos that good, so why bother. 

During quarantine and while out of a job (thanks covid!), I started trying to overcome that fear.  It started as me trying to help my fiance to fulfill her creative outlet by taking photos for an instagram she wanted to start (@awkdom_model if you care to check out my amazing partner who works with chimps by day and models by night).  Very soon, it became a way for me to grow and work on my skills as an artist myself.  I started to feel proud of what I was working on, but as is often discussed in this course, I doubted myself and said "No one will want want to see my photos".  Thankfully, this course made me realize just how ridiculous the idea that NO ONE will enjoy any photo I share or post really is.  I realized that in reality, one person seeing my work and smiling or pausing to think is MORE than reason enough to share my work. 

Here are a few recent photos, and if you care to see more, I'll start posting them at (@MattSzlasa) and now that I'm working on getting over my silly fear of sharing work and self-promo.  

Thank you for this amazing course! I look forward to feeling more confident in creating and SHARING more work! :) 

Covid Creations - image 1 - student project

Covid Creations - image 2 - student project

Covid Creations - image 3 - student project

Covid Creations - image 4 - student project

Covid Creations - image 5 - student project

Covid Creations - image 6 - student project

Covid Creations - image 7 - student project

Covid Creations - image 8 - student project