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Cover up!

Firstly, thanks for a great class, very inspiring. Liked especially simple way of displaying the icons.

Now to the project itself:

One of the things that bother me when I hike on Gan Canaria is the sight of people embarking on their walks in totally inappropriate garb. When I see people in flip-flops climbing the little plateau around Roque Nublo I tend to start thinking about broken ankles, imagining having to carry somebody for a kilometer and a bit to the car park where the ambulance can get to them, etc, etc.

Bit shoes are probably not as important as sun exposure. Thing is, people come up to the mountains and even the little precautions they take against sunburn on a beach are forgotten. Northern europeans tend to go quite alarming shades of red.
No hats, no long sleeves, no sunscreen even - and we are on the latitude of Sahara deset here, mind you.

So I wanted to create a litte icon that would prompt people thinking about sun exposure, maybe grabbing some more clothes, applying the sunblock, etc, etc.
While sketching, I went from very simple black and white with just "person", "sun" and "heat" to somewhat more elaborate, with a strap falling off a shoulder to show the sunburn.

Below is the progress.






finished icon and a mockup below



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