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Cover for mix2013-3

Sometimes I dj. So for the music "I like" I would choose a mix a made this summer for driving during vacation.

Berlin-based artists, minimal techno. My friends dubbed it "groove noir".

It has a lot of SPACE for imagination, for the tones IN BETWEEN. Un-progressive, slightly dance'able, looped samples including melodies of traditional harmonious instruments that make it warmer. Vocals are bare and reduced, chopped, looped, sampled.

not to do: no cliché like pixel board, mixer knobs, equalizer bars, sexy dancing lady, electro or tech symbols, computer graphic or drug reference.

I want it to be more organic, hand-made,

i usually start with a moodboard:

actually the streetlights have a lot i talked about: space in between, repetition, loops, driving a roadtrip, harmonic (safety), warm light...

btw, here is a tracklist:
Avatism: High you Gonna Feel
Jin Choi: Half Baked - Maceo Plex Groove Remix
Ion Ludwig & Pompelmoessap: Ave Leo Spiritual Devil
Jin Choi & Walker Barnard: I'm Just the Rain
Lee Jones - A Perfect Kick (Matthias Meyer Remix)
Hamid & Arnaud LeTexier feat. Stacey DeLooze: The Price Of Beans
FredP: 01_Nighttrain
Dr.Nojoke: Waptewi
Dubteklab:Recollineation (Strukturator mix with Brachman pipe)
Mark Henning: Chicago sunrise
Lawrence: The Swan


hmmm, also, this should be TYPOGRAPHIC, big missing point so far..

german: "DIN" (Deutsche Industry norm), but too Bauhaus
roadtrip: Freeway, too american
wayfinding: a mix of road sign fonts

i guess for now i will make it myself: it's onlya  few letters:



the music i don't usually listen to is one of my client's band:
this is a song, quite nice:

They call themselves "the Bayou Medicine Show". The band formed of musicians that played at a  legendary club in Georgetown called "The Bayou". It closed in 98. Recently a documentary was published .

i made a few starts:
client didn't like the bottle or images:


went back to a straight, but used a better font:

This is the club logo: i edited this video montage for the documentary fundraiser party. the type should be used somewhere:

link to some info about the club:

thanks for any feedback.


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