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Cover Redesign for "Atmospheric Disturbances"

This is the book whose cover I want to redesign: Atmospheric Disturbances, published in 2008. I read it three years ago. It is by an American novelist, Rivka Galchen. (I actually got to see her at the Brooklyn Book Festival one summer and have her autograph my copy of the book.) This is her first novel and it was very well received.

The novel is about a psychiatrist in New York City who begins to suspect that his wife, whose father was a Latin American meteorologist, has been replaced by an imposter. The conceit of the novel is fanciful and perhaps all in the narrator's mind; if the writing wasn't as brilliant as it is the reader might reject this plot too quickly. Playful and mysterious, it has reminded many of the work of authors like Borges or Murakami.

I know of three cover variations. (See the image below, from left to right)

1. The Picador paperback. (This is the edition I read.) Designed by Henry Sene Yee.

2. I think this may have been the UK edition, but I'm not sure. I don't know who the designer was.

3. Canadian edition, designed by Martyn Schmoll.

I've never been happy with version #1. #2 is too busy visually and I don't even understand some of the references. (The "49" stencil image is so dominant but I don't recall what that refers to. It makes me think of "The Crying of Lot 49," the Thomas Pynchon novel.) #3 is very beautiful, probably the best of all three but it still doesn't satisfy me.

First, I'm going to re-read the novel as Mr. Kidd suggests and I'll report on my progress later. I'm very slow so don't expect an update for awhile.


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