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Courtice Crest

Like most people, I had no idea at first what I would fill my family crest with. Hockey has always been a big part of my family life. Myself, my brother and my sister all grew up playing, and my Dad coached our teams. At first I figured maybe I would make this crest half a family crest and half an homage to my favourite sport.

Here are some very preliminary sketches of what that turned into on the screen.

Next phase I started to hone my idea a little bit more. Definitely wanted to include hockey in this but not necessarily make it central, but still needed to fill the inside of the shield with some content, so I wanted to make a landscape scene featuring the dock at my cottage growing up. Still not sure that I'm totally stoked on how the scene turned out, but will probably try a couple more iterations and see if I can make something I'm really happy with.

UPDATE: More tweaks to the existing progress

Still struggling to decide what to place in the bottom area:

Aaaand, here's the final image:


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