Course Cast Study

So I just watched this course on 1.5x speed, got through it in under an hour.

Here is what I did:

  1. Spent an hour searching some niches and found tons of videos with existing Clickbank offers
  2. Almost gave up and said screw it, found lots of dud parked domains but registration was unavailable. One domain they even wanted $800 for!
  3. Found a 4 year old video with 1500 views, used the trick James showed to confirm it still gets views on a daily basis. The video was decent and the term ranks #4 on YouTube for the given keyword
  4. Registered the domain on 1&1 for $9.21 ($0.99 offer was not available it seems, it was a .net), didn't have a direct Clickbank offer for this keyword.
  5. Decided to find a product that cures the 'problem' for this keyword and re-directed to a specific Amazon product with the Amazon affiliate program
  6. Just waiting for the domain DNS to pickup and this should be live within 24 hours :)

Great course James, took action and kept digging.

If there was a tool to make finding the expired domains faster this method would be insane!

John Shea
Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic