Jessilyn Brinkerhoff

Graphic Designer, Eugene OR



Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.

I'm working on this a little more each week. I'm super inspired by all of the extraordinary work everyone is contributing. I thought I was nearly finished and see I have many more sketches to go!

I'm loving the expressive lines to emphasize the word COURAGE. I want to find a way to bring balance to the words too. BE SEEN is tricky at the bottom. What do you think? I'll get back to sketching!

First attempts at the sketch phase. I love playing with fitting words into shapes. :)

+++++Lettering Warm Up +++++

Here is my exploration of the word Courage!

+++++ Mood Board +++++

+++++ Quote Exploration +++++

I spent some time thinking about which quote to illustrate and kept coming back to this one.

This quote by Brene Brown hits so many life lessons for me right now. I'm excited to bring even more power to her words with beautiful typographical illustration!

Here's my word list and mood board. I'm in love with the illustration style and lettering with the images below. Aaaaah. We'll see what elements will inspire the finished quote. 


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