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Courage Print

Since before I can remember I just always loved putting pen, marker, pencil, and even crayons to paper. 

My love for hand lettering has grown throughout the years and just over the past few months I have been exploring options on how to turn my pieces into digital files. I've been following Sean Wes, Nathan Yoder, Molly Jacques, and many others for a while now and love seeing the hand drawn material turn into vector or raster art. I found a method that has been working alright for me but my process is SO SLOW that I kept believing there was a better way. Now I know that there is! See the bottom of this post for a breakdown in what I thought was most helpful in this tutorial. 

Earlier this week I sketched out with pencil and pad a scripture on "courage". 

I posted it on Instagram and received some positive feedback and decided to turn this sketch into a print. 

Before scanning it in I decided to recreate the sketch with rulers to try and even it all out and make a couple textures. Here are the results from that step (I don't know why it's sideways)

After I scanned in this image I did some heavy duty cleaning up and majorly changed up the top right hand corner and bottom left corner. I hope in the future my drawing will improve so I won't have to do quite as much work in Photoshop. I almost quit on this drawing many, many, many times out of frustration but I stuck it out and here's the new edited and printed version...

Thank you Sean for sharing your class with us! Here are my favorite things I took away from your class:

1) The shortcuts in AI and PS are major timesavers 

2) I learned how to add guides which I didn't even know existed before (guides my new favorite!)

3) I appreciated seeing that your final pieces aren't 100% perfectly clean lines and that you left letters rough... I tend to be a perfectionist and want everything super clean and smooth but now I feel freed to allow for some of the imperfections to come out in the letters. 

- Kristen Moore Stansell


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