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Coup Street

My brand is called Coup Street.

Some pronounce it "coop," others say, "coo." Either way is cool because it has a double meaning. Originally it was pronounced "coop," as in pigeon coop, but we chose to spell it c-o-u-p, like coup d'etat, because it symbolizes the overthrow. The takeover. To break free from the coop, or the cage that society is imprisoned by, whether mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Our Mission goes a little something like this...

We work with artists, creatives, and like minded people to raise the bar back up on flavor. Bringing real art, thought, and passion behind our designs.

Our pigeon logois a symbol of the art community, hiphop, and the state of mind of reaching a better life for ourselves and everyone around us. That includes health, education, basic human rights are slowly being stripped away from us. We are not that swag shit. Swag is selfish. When we say we hustle, aka the "Hungry Hustle ©"  it's because we're going after our dreams, and we're trying to reach a level where our voices can be heard. We don't bust our ass to go waste it on popping bottles to impress strangers. We're not against partying, but if that's all you're doing with your money, you need to take a business class or something, because being in debt is not cool, and faking the funk will only get you so far. So wake up!

As a brand our goal is to overthrow the commercial garbage that keeps everyone out of touch with self-expression and true passion. Because the truth is, the average person doesn’t know what they want, and they’d rather be told what to do. They’d rather follow. They’d rather sit around and wait till someone tells them what’s cool instead of taking the risk of being an innovator. The bar that sets the standards of creativity and real artistic expression has fallen so low, that it’s practically 6 feet deep. The reason for this is because the ones setting the bar are the corporations. They are the commercial entities that have appropriated street culture. They’ve got their hands in the cookie jar, and feeding you a commercial representation of music and style that lacks real substance. But here comes the brand new flavor of the year.

While our roots are intertwined with the elements of hip hop, the most important element, is the one that is often forgotten. Knowledge. While we strive to bring you a fresh, witty and wild style, we also hope to educate you. To help prevent further demise of our culture, and save you from becoming 'sheeple.' A culture is a community of individuals that share a common interest and belief. The Coup is that symbol, and we're taking it to the Streets.





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