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Elena K.

Marketing Designer



County Yoga


This is my first class with Skillshare and my first project. For this project, I wanted to celebrate Marin County through a series of tiny poster badges. Marin was the first place I came to visit from Europe as a teenager. I fell in love with its great weather and abundant nature. I moved here permanently, and after 10 years I still love every day I get to spend in this beautiful place.
I am going to create a series of 8 "posters" dedicated to some of the small towns that comprise the county. I am using the essence and "vibe" of each town to illustrate the individual posters. So far, I am doing a crest inspired layout. 

Step 1

April 22nd

Step 2

This is the process of further narrowing down the details to include into each crest. I looked at activities such as yoga, music, sailing, and bike riding tat each town offers. I further studied the forms of yoga poses, instruments, sail boats, food items, and bicycles.

Bikes etc

Boats and Instruments

Yoga poses:

Yoga poses:

Yoga poses and crests:

Color Pallet:

Next step:

I decided to focus on YOGA poses for the first "layer" to represent the yoga studios in each town in the county. Here are the yoga poses for each town:


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