Country Stroll

Country Stroll - student project

Still adding a few more details, but I'm happy to how it's turned out so far! In retrospect, I probably wouldn't have selected a project with so many elements for my first go, but it has been a great learning experience! Looking forward to adding color and texture. I'm open to any feedback you might have!Country Stroll - image 1 - student project

Country Stroll - image 2 - student project

The beginnings of my digital sketch

Country Stroll - image 3 - student projectUpon starting this project, I knew that I wanted to incorporate some element of nature into my quiet-themed project. With that idea in mind, I created a word list around the terms quiet and nature. 

One of the first quiet, outdoors ideas that came to me was the idea of escaping from my day-to-day "city life" and exploring the great outdoors with my dog, Greta. I wanted to make the image whimsical, so I included a curly leash and a small squirrel in the bottom right corner. 

While I'm not the best artist when it comes to sketching (at least without any references! :) ) I am glad that I didn't pass up the opportunity to make a sketch before going digital. With most elements outlined (even if my girl is a bit disproportionate!), it should make the process of drawing the digital sketch much easier! 

Any feedback or comments are welcome and appreciated! 

Amber H.

Instructional Designer