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Country Field

Hey everyone! 

I'm really excited to participate in this project and get some feedback from other photographers. For these, I asked my friend Ashley to let me photograph her in a field behind my parent's house in the country. I love the look of the dry, dead grass and thought it would add to the drama of the image. I just have a couple of photos to post, unfortunately not the full project, but I still wanted to participate! 

I had Ashley meet me at 7:30AM and we began shooting just a bit after when as the sun was rising. 

Here is my first: I've always had trouble finding the right composition when my model lays down, but really liked the motion of this one. 


My second portrait: I wanted to show the endless feel of the pasture and get that depth of feild to make her stand out. 


And my third: I like them better in black and white, and think it adds to the dramatic feel, but wanted to show one in color regardless. I'm not sure what I liked about this one, honestly, but I kept going back to it. 


I'd love any constructive critism you guys have! Thanks for taking the time to look at my project :) 


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