Counting Crows

Counting Crows - student project

Most recent work at the bottom of this post, Please have a look!


Firstly I'm really excited to be taking this class. I have always loved illustrating and had hoped that someday my love for concentrating on lines, colors and imagery would merge with my form of income, but alas life's paths aren't so obvious. Thanks to DKNG for offering this class and giving me the chance to get back to my roots and do what I love doing.

The Project.

I have been thinking about this project even before the school was conceved. I'm a big fan of concert posters as you can see in my pinterest board here. While thinking of what event to illustrate, by stroke of luck I got an email from the Counting Crows announcing that they would be having a contest for their "Underwater Sunshine" tour. What an opportunity and the timing couldn't be more perfect! If I were to win, which is a loooooong shot I'm sure I thought I would donate the $500 prize to a worthy cause. So feel free to help me along in the process as I'm an amateur... ;)


I would like to play on the theme of underwater shine and initially the image of an old scuba mask came to mind with a sun shining inside the mask. I would also like to bring a psychadelic old poster feel to the overall image. Here are some images that I like.

Counting Crows - image 1 - student project   Counting Crows - image 2 - student project


Unfortunately the band selected a font that I'm not crazy about but it is required.

Counting Crows - image 3 - student project

Initial Sketches

The "underwater sunshine" would be in a serif font subdued in the water with similar texture and color. the "counting crows" font as well as the helmet would be more in the forefront.

Counting Crows - image 4 - student project

Counting Crows - image 5 - student project

More Sketches

Counting Crows - image 6 - student project

Counting Crows - image 7 - student project

Color Scheme

I really like the color schemes below and feel it will translate well to the poster's theme, "underwater sunshine."

Counting Crows - image 8 - student project

Counting Crows - image 9 - student project

Latest work.

I spent some time today in Illustrator for ther first time in who knows how long. Great to get back into it! I drew the basic image of the diver with guitar and played around with some background texture. This week I hope to make it more interesting and pretty.

There will be a sun with gradient coming out of the divers mask.

Counting Crows - image 10 - student project

Dean Dowd

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