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Counterfeit Logo

So, I know the point of this class was not to design a logo, but that's where it took me.

Counterfeit is not a real thing but I've always loved the idea of embracing the borrowing, copying and iterating that happens in art. Everything is a counterfeit something else...and that's alright.

I started by gathering some circular designs that I could find around the house:


Mostly what I noticed was the use of all caps. I guess that's a thing. I really liked the triangle shape in the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell logo. That triangle inspired the compass I created later.

Then I sketched a bit:


I liked the idea of things breaking outside the circle so I knew I wanted to explore that. Here's my first attempt:


"Is this good? Does this suck?" -Lynda Barry. I don't know! But it was fun to make!

Then, I tried something with the compass idea:


I thought the type on the sides was a little too small so I added some boxes that protruded outside the circle in order to fit larger type. Also reduced the line weight...I don't know if that was the "right" choice:


And here's the embroidery mockup:


That's where I ended up. I'm totally new to Illustrator and design in general so Aaron's Illustrator tips and design insights were really helpful and all the projects here are so inspiring.

Now I want to get to the utility of the circle, the fact that you can pack in a ton of information, which this class is about but I didn't execute on...maybe make a shipping label for this mythical design company?


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