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Count Your Blessings

Update #9 - 12/5/2013



Update #8 - 12/5/2013

One of these will be final...which "problems" do you like?  (yes, the right is darker - now that I've figured that out in Photoshop, I can update the right one as well).  I still think I like the left "problems" best.  Thoughts?


Update #7 - 12/4/2013

Okay, I did get some great advice - to make "problems" appear to be falling rather than rising.  I've done so, and attached 2 inked pictures.  Although I do theoretically know how to fill in areas in Photoshop, I had trouble, so nothing is filled in.  Not sure what I was doing wrong.  Anyway, I think I still like the rising "problems".  I'll do another inked version and will fill in with ink instead of through Photoshop.


Update #6 - 11/18/2013

Okay, unless I get some really great advice, this is the final sketch before inking! 

I tried all sorts of borders, and had trouble with all of them.  So, I'm going with this new design.  It's thinner, a little bigger for more white space, and square corners at the top.

I changed the "problems" lettering just a bit.

I went with a center sun and thinned out the puddle even more.

ARG!  It's a little out of focus.  I'll be sure to scan the final inked one.


Update #5 - 11/14/2013

I had a few problems with the last sketch - namely the sun and the border.  Plus, multiple folks read my former cloud as a puddle.  So... here's what I did:

1.  Made the puddle thinner - I like this and I will refine it and keep it I think.  "not your" will become a reflection instead of a shadow!

2.  The sun now extends out of the border.  I like this, and I thought I would like to see it off-center, but now I don't think I do.  This will make more room for the words, "count your."

3.  Removed the bubbles on the corners of the border.  They weren't quite working.  But I haven't figured out how to handle the corners for two reasons.  1) the word problems needs space.  I may make the frame bigger to add white space.  2) now that the sun is poking through the border, I don't want to compete with it too much.   Hmmm, as I'm typing, I have an idea - maybe a shallow boxed off corner, if I make the border bigger.

4.  I can seen now that I'm posting the picture online that the waves at the bottom are too busy.  I will work on that.  I want to keep the idea of being overwhelmed with PROBLEMS, so I do want to keep the water/waves somehow.

Here are some rough sketches I made to help with layout decisions.  Sun in the center is better, right?


Update #4 - 11/11/2013

I re-worked two of the bigger sketches, and sketch #1 finally is coming together.  I made the word "blessings" bigger, and the cloud smaller.  I have another few adjustments to make, but here's a sketch below that I'm starting to like. 

I'm still not happy with the joining of the sun, the "count your" and the frame of the drawing.  And, I'm going to make the cloud even smaller I think.


Update #3 - 11/7/2013

Thanks for the feedback.  Layout is something I'm going to have to work on in general.  But I have 3 bigger sketches with my ideas a bit more developed.  I would again appreciate feedback on which one to work on for my final sketches. 

The fun news is that by forcing myself to do all this work, I think I'm going to come out with a project I really like. Ooooo...and I'm going to start using a lot of Mary Kate's tips going forward with my projects.

Here are the 3 I'm considering:


Update #2 - 11/5/2013

Again, thanks Mary Kate - I usually would have only done 2 - 3 sketches and moved on to a final, but all this prep work has made me think more about what I'm doing.  It's silly that I resist it so much, because it clearly helps!  Anyway, below are some thumbnail sketches.  I know they're a bit hard to see because they're light.  I just had ideas coming and I wanted to get them down.

I know I want the layout to be square.  This is for a small poster for my studio/office room.  Beyond that, I'm not sure what layout I'm going to use, and I'd love some input. 

I like sketch #1 - because I want to use the flowery letters from my lettering practice below.  But, it seems a little boring so I'm not sure.  Then I also like #9 with the sun and clouds. But then again, deep down, I want to do something more intricate like the cover of a vintage seed packet (see mood board below).  The idea is in #7, but I need to develop it more...


Update #1 - 11/4/2013

Wow, it's pretty clear that I should do this for every project because: 1) I clearly need the practice, and 2) it helped me come up with even more ideas.  I'm a calligrapher, so I'm pretty clear on thicks and thins, but I need work on serifs and the letter "S".  Here are two of my practice pages.  Now, off to do some thumbnail layout sketches!



I'm getting off to a late start here, and it took forever to pick something to letter.  All my ideas were just not right.  Then after lunch yesterday, I drove by a local chuch with the following message on it's board: Count your blessings, not your problems.  Bingo!  I love it.

So, instead of drawing right away like usual, I brainstormed a list of words and put together a mood board.  It took more time than I thought, which is why I usually like to start off drawing.  It will be interesting to see how these help my work.  I also usually don't budget enough time for these Skillshare projects.  But by waiting, now I have time to actually focus on it.  Hopefully, that will pay off.


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