Counseling Indie Developers in the Law of Game Development

(To be edited later)

Independent game developers could use help in the following areas: 1. Intellectual property; 2. Funding options; 3. Business formation; 4. Contracts

Intellectual property:

  • Create primers to explain to people how to protect trademarks
  • How to make money from IP
  • Save money later on by protecting trademarks up-front
  • Monitor use of trademarks for litigation purposes and send cease and desist letters (only in VA?)

Funding options: (free from legal requirements)

  • Kickstarter primers; consultations for more deep dives into marketing
  • Steam Greenlight primers
  • Grants – NEA, etc.

Business formation:

  • Free primer on the benefits of business formations (focus on video games)
  • Form LLCs (offer to do this for free in VA);


  • Free and universal: general contract advice
  • Advise in contract negotiations (only in VA)
  • Engage in contract negotiation (only in VA)


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