Cotton Cartel

Cotton Cartel - student project

Hello everyone!

I'm a recent grad from Florida Atlantic University. I've always had a passion for t shirts and now that I'm currently working in-house I feel this is a good way to release some of my more creative ideas. My project/brand is still in the beginning stages, so hopefully this class can help me lay a concrete platform to build off in the future. Cotton Cartel might seem like another street gear clothing line, but with a more simplistic approach by using creative typography and a image to convey a message to the viewer.

One of my first designs that I've been working with came from a quick doodle while I was at work, that I later on cleaned up in illustrator, "Simply Dope". It's short and direct. I combined the hand drawn lettering with a photo I took a while back of a street sign covered with graffiti tags and stickers.

Cotton Cartel - image 1 - student project

Cotton Cartel - image 2 - student project