Bartholomew Fish

Designer and Illustrator



Cotton Bureau Mobile App

1. Company – Cotton Bureau
Cotton Bureau is an online t-shirt company that features submissions from designers for a limited duration. A designer submits a t-shirt design and if accepted, they have two weeks to sell at least 12 shirts. If that goal is reached then the limited edition shirt is printed, if it isn’t then the shirt is not produced.

The shirts are only available for order during the the two week span that they are featured after which the only way they can be purchased is if enough people request the shirt to be re-printed again. This business model provides some motivation to keep checking what is available as once you have missed the opportunity to purchase a particular shirt, you may have to wait a good amount of time before it is available again (assuming there is the demand for it).

Target Audience
People who love original, creative graphic tees particularly designers and creatives. Many of the designs are geared towards the design community – for designers, by designers.

The Goal
The app will make it easier to stay up to date on new shirt design submissions, their status and purchasing them. App features include:

  • Browse t-shirt designs based on status (Almost There, Ending Soon, Going to Print)
  • Receive reminders about specific shirts before the deadline to buy passes
  • “Favorite” shirts to curate your own stream of inspiration
  • Share with friends and family via social channels, email and text
  • Purchase t-shirts


One of the problems I encountered while wireframing, was how to handle choosing shirt options (color, size) as well as the checkout process. I initially mapped out individual screens for each step but felt it made the experience feel clunky.

After some inspiration research and sketching, I landed on a solution where a secondary menu comes out of the bottom of the screen prompting you through the shirt purchase process while keeping the user on one screen. One consideration was how a user could pick between “Men” and “Women” as some t-shirt apps made it a little difficult to make this choice, often having separate t-shirt profiles based on gender.










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