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Cottage Industrials Logo (re)design

I'm working to redesign the logo for my personal design company, Cottage Industrials. I've spent the past year building up a portfolio of custom textile designs and handcrafted accessories that I'm hoping to sell online and, eventually, in boutiques as well. My original logo (available to see at feels amateurish now and I want to work on evolving it.

Cottage Industrials focuses on blending the whimsical with the classical - clever and edgy designs that also reflect the tradition and artistry of old-fashioned handicrafts. My target market is young quilters, seamstresses, and designers who are looking for statement pieces that they can work into their own design lines and their own wardrobes.

I want my logo to feel:

  • modern

  • imaginative

  • open

  • clean

  • slightly rough around the edges (evocative of handmade goods)

  • intriguing

I love designs that manage to be both complex and intricate, while also being well-balanced and not overwhelming to the viewer. I've put together a pinterest board of inspirations

My first sketches are rough and a little all over the place, but I wanted to force myself to break out of design rut and really brainstorm some new options. 


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