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Sean Kerry

Graphic Design & Illustration



Costs an arm and a leg!

Been a huge fan of Mikey's work for a while now so super excited to have a crack at this! I signed up to Skillshare last night and watched the lesson. I decided to challenge myself to do this within the day. There are so many great idioms! Found it tricky to choose one but narrowed it down to two and ended up going with this one. 

Okay, I could have spent way more time with this, especially with the type, but I know this isn't the last time I will do this exercise! I enjoyed the sketching part and actually have a couple of other ideas I would like to try. 

Some process shots:

Pencil Sketch


Refined Sketch


Re-refined ? Sketch & using the blob tool.


Final Piece:


Looking forward to having another bash at this, particularly wanting to experiment with the texture part of it. Cheers to Mikey, really enjoyed the class!


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