Costa Rica!!!

Costa Rica!!! - student project

WEEK 2 (Part 3)

Update: Added another badge!! You can now see two of them together.

Costa Rica!!! - image 1 - student project

WEEK 2 (Part 2)

I really appreciated Laudys', Trey's and Kinaly's feedback and updated my first badge according to that (changed colors a bit, added shadow effect, changed font, moved tree position and chaged tree shape to make it simpler). The blue as a background I really still like (Costa Rican national anthem has lyrics referring to our blue sky), but I'm open if people think it overpowers the illustration. I'm still thinking about framing the background somehow or changing the shape but I rather like it as is. Well, here it is!

Costa Rica!!! - image 2 - student project

WEEK 2 (Part 1)

(Still being really late, have really had a hard time getting away from work. SORRY!)

So I watched the lectures for the second part and I learned A LOT! I'm not a designer and only draw as a hobby and have never really learned how to use these tools (only empirically), so yesterday decided to get on using and learning more. 

I decided to start with the Parque Morazán sketch (see Moleskin sketch below) as it felt the less intricate of all. After a loooong time I came up with this.

Costa Rica!!! - image 3 - student project

I like the color palette, but as a begginer would love feedback on that and overall composition. Not sure about the type. I'm going to work on some other "badges" and see how they look together.


(First of all sorry for starting late, I have been really sick and couldn't start till now and will be trying to catch up quickly).

Costa Rica, beautiful, tropical Costa Rica. 

I'm Costa Rican, designer as a hobby, entrepreneur as a job. I really want to learn more skills using design tools and thought this class would be great for that, and what better subject matter for the project than beautiful Costa Rica. Everybody wants to come here for vacation but I get to live here.

Now, there's a lot one can choose as a topic for Costa Rica, but most of it is what people already now: beaches, rainforests, whales, frogs, coffee, volcanoes, rapids. All the tourist-y stuff. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing. But I wanted to explore something that is not seen as much by people, or maybe even by locals. I didn't know what that was, so maybe I would revert to classic stuff. 

So I did my brainstorming, word associations and took it from there. Politics has had heated debates recently so I thought about that, our 7 provinces, phrases and slang, tourism, nature, ethnicity and differences you can see here, etc.

I let that sit for a couple of days and then when it came to research and sketch I still had no idea what to focus on. I drew an ugly quick sketch of a church in Coronado and then decided to draw tha facade for the National Theatre, then our first airport turned museum, then a famous park, etc. I think thats the way I want to go as this is a subject that tourist and even Costarican locals take for granted and our architecture is full of fun stuff and nuances and is really interesting.

Costa Rica!!! - image 4 - student project