Costa Rica Musings

Costa Rica Musings - student project

Ok, first time trying a Skillshare class. Hope I'm doing this right? :) LOVED, LOVED the class. Thanks so much for all the handy tips on shortcuts, etc.

Also no Wacom tablet or any electronic pen, so all drawings were smoothed after image trace from an iPhone shot, ha. ROUGH.

Inspiration was images from a recent trip to Costa RIca. I picked just one location (perhaps I'll do more as a theme down the road?) La Playa, it's this little chill beach area. Our favorite spot. Beautiful to me.

Photos & Color Pallette

Costa Rica Musings - image 1 - student project

Next a few sketches in my notebook on the patio on a lazy Saturday. And then imported photos, image traces and smoothed (nice tip teach!) and colored.

Costa Rica Musings - image 2 - student project

Took the individual images and setup some motifs (as suggested) to move forward with patterns.

Costa Rica Musings - image 3 - student project

And then... worked on getting the mixes on the patterns, and final patterns.

Pattern 1: Objects I had during beach trip

Costa Rica Musings - image 4 - student project

Pattern #2: Things I felt as I looked out at my favorite view at the beach

Costa Rica Musings - image 5 - student project