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Hi all! I'm very excited with this class. Thank you, I got a lot of new information for me and much inspiration too. Letters are beautiful and they were always big enigma for me. I read something about logotypes, just a little, and I think it's very interesting to make letters and combine them, to make them tell the story! Letters are so orderly and perfect. And now I'm very happy, I made some letters by myself and it looks for me like miracle :)

I started my project from choosing the Word. And it was not so simple. It's always hard to find one right word. I wanted that it'll be just one word, not even two. 

I thought that I can use one of Russian words and it'll be interesting, because Skillshare is international and people speak English here. At first I choose Russian word "Привет" that means "Hi". It's a simple idea, I want to greet someone with this card and it says "hello". I started to draw, and draw a sketch. I don't have enough experience I guess, so I make just one sketch and not so fast, and I was excited and happy with it :))

I have no transparent paper and I'm lazy to go and buy it, so I just use only one my sketch and just make it bolder as in the class. It really made my letters look better.

Then I added something like flowers to make this word more friendly and happy. And make a "shadow". I use markers (first sketch I made with pencil and then I colored it with marker). I'm not so happy with this colors, but I always can change it, if I make it digital.

I see a lot of imperfections here, but despite it I love my result :)

But then I get a new idea, how to make something Russian-spirited. I love space very much and I remembered this word: "Космос" (Cosmos). Soviet Union has impressive achivements in that theme and at april 12 we celebrate date when first man visited space, Uriy Gagarin. So I write this word. I wanted to make my card little soviet-looking, and I used simple look of letters. We had a lot of crazy-looking posters at Soviet Union, and a lot of posters about space conquest.

I think they are very cool :)) And so weird. 

I don't want to make a soviet poster, I just wanted to make my card a little bit soviet-looking. I think that letters should be simple, like simple soviet phrases-motivators. So here is my sketch:

And I added those star on one peak of letter M. Star is very soviet symbol, we have such star on the top of Kremlin building. And we put such stars on the top of New Year Trees :))

I made only this one sketch, I didn't decided what else I can draw. It is skew but I see that the word КОСМОС is a very good, I need only to draw letters КОСМ and then just copy "ОС" and paste :)) So I used my lazy skew sketch in Illustrator. 

I draw first 4 letters

I used Guides to make my vertical lines equal, but I was lazy to measure exact distanses and put guides on the eye. Besides I copied elements, I copied vertical stick ot the K letter and put it into M letter and I copied O letter to make C. 

I looked at that letters and I seen that space among letters are incorrect, different between different letters, and I was not so happy with C letter, it looks like cropped O, so it is actually is.

So I made some improvements and copy and paste О and C. And draw a star. I make it little bit different from my sketch, more like on Kremlin.

So, now I can't see imperfections here (maybe I just have no experience, haha)). I very happy with it. Guys, I MADE LETTERS!!!)))

I love vector, because I feel it very impressive, you can approximate and approximate again and again and it still Real, you still see good picture. It's My Real Letters!

After that I made some more decorations. I choose this colors rely on those soviet posters: blue sky and white letters and of course red, red is very soviet. I draw many lines, they symbolize many traces of soviet rockets))) And put some stars. And make red shadow, because I needed more red.

Then I download free texture of old paper and multiply it on my card.

That is my final result!

Martina, thank you very much for this class. And I'll try to print this card and I may send it to you, if you want it :) I made it for this class, so it's yours!

PS: sorry for my English, I think I done a lot of grammar mistakes... But hope you understand me :))

PS2: Word "КОСМОС" may also be a compliment, we have in Russian phrase: "You are cosmos, baby!" that means you are fabulous :)

Update 30.04.2015

Hey! Today I get my printed cards! Just look at that! It's so cool to hold it in my hands! Some of my friends want to get it, so I starting sending and giving :)

Seems like my texture is missed. I always scare how my designs will be printed, because I have a less of experience in this theme. And color are little different from what I see on my monitor. But anyway they are cool.


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