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CosmicCat1 Character Project

This is my project. I have been drawing digitally for the past 5 years or so, I upload my best work on (shameless self promotion) and any random drawings on my tumblr which is CosmicCat1(more self promotion, sorrynotsorry). I do dabble in drawing comics but I think they seem a bit empty and disorganized. I hope I will develop my skills over the next few lessons. :3

Here are my character sketches.

I took your advice on board and finally created a model sheet! Took me ages to work out what outfit for my character to wear. I'm still not sure on it but oh well. I'm sure the character will continue to evolve in the future. Thankyou for checking out my portfolio :3

My final comic. 

I have had fun whilst doing this project. Thankyou for creating the class. I have recommended this class to all my friends and I look forward to reading your future comics :3


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