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Cosmic Reading

For the 2 week challenge I'm inspired to create a series of patterns around the astrological zodiac. Hope to convery a playful yet structured feel. I've been gathering mid-century imagery from book covers, textures, and advertisements where they use an textured line that feels almost painterly. I hope to emulate this in illustrator, softening the sometimes digital feeling lines quality. 

Looking at both contemporary and historical artists, there are so many approches to capturing animals and symbols, I hope to connect with a way to abstract and flatten imagery. Not clear yet on color, but thinking minimal with bold splashes.

A little overwhleming to go for the entire calendar, so maybe I'll start with my favorite signs. Than again Taurus loves all signs!

ps- I'm using this challenge to motivate the next project. I learned a lot from Elizabeth's class on my first project, so here's to building on that!


For the second part of the 2 week challenge, I'm uploading some sketches and primilarly digital drawings. I've focused largely on the illustration of the signs that are animals. Those seemed like a good place to start. I went from something realistic (based on a photography) to sketchy, and finally abstracted. Created my own brushes after watching Lydia Nichols tutorial. Not a lot of sketching for the pattern portions, those are happening a little more organically once I'm in illustrator, as I create tiny environomenst for my stars to live in.

I'm a little overwhlemed- lots of more signs! Might have to cap it at 6 since there's still the patterns to work with.




Just in time for the completeion of two challenge I've got 3 patterns. I like them in black and white, but it might be nice to have a pop of color. Also perhaps something to throw into the mix that isn't a zodiac sign, but purely magical.








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