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Cosmetic Packaging Line

Thank you so much for everyone's feedback!
Here is my initial execution in Illustator.
I was thinking of changing the girl's dress color and the bar on top to reflect the lipstick color.
And have a solid color background  on all the packaging to create a consistent look.
I am planning to illustrator several different girls according to each flavor.
In the mean time Im going to illustrate the other girls :)
Hi Everyone Thanks for your feedback!

I was having a hard time with coming up with a concept for "Color Me Glossy" to differentiate the flavor/color. I modified a little bit to say "Color me" and for each color, I'll change it to fun names like Color Me Rebel, Color Me bombshell, COlor Me Heartbreaker, Color Me rebel, Color Me Sultry, Color Me Enchantress, Color Me Starlet. I was doing resarch and the meaning of "Color Me" Means "I am". The concept is for the girl to feel she is beautiful and she is a rebel, a bomshell, an enchantress ect on what she identifies herself with when wearing the lip gloss and is a color saturated lip gloss.

Let me know which font you think works better, and I'll apply to the whole line. Thanks!

I have done packaging in the past, but I always wanted design a cosmetic lipgloss packaging line just for fun! I really loved Benefit Cosmetics, Bare Escentuals, and some of the Balm cosmetic packaging.  I want to incorporate girly illustrations, cute, fun wimpstical typography into my packaging. Is made of natural ingredients, and not tested on animals.

Names that I am thinking:

Baby Doll Lipgloss

Juicy Lipgloss

Color me Lip Gloss

Lux Lipgloss 


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