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Cosi Creations

Cosi Creations is meant to start out as a small, word of mouth, custom made blanket business. It started with the birth of my first nephew, I wanted to make a personal blanket for him to reflect the overwhelming joy I was feeling at becoming an auntie. From there it has evolved into a constent, my brothers and sisters now know that a personal blanket is coming with the birth of each child.

The blankets started as crossstiched designs and have since evolved into a mixture of machine and hand applique work. I have, just recently, began getting requests from my family to specific designs. I make just a standard (no artwork) blanket for friends or distant family members just to get the name out there, in hopes that eventually the blankets will become known, even if it is just in my area, and from there business will begin.

I want to begin using the website that I have already started working on so that orders can begin to come in, there are some intricacies that need to worked out such as how to decide on fabic selections and how to make those selections available to my customers, how to come up with pricing that is not too high but at the same time something that will generate income, there are some other small nuances that also need to be worked out as well, however, I like to take this one small step at a time.


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