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Corvid Kids Accessories

The mock up! This label is a band around a 4x4x1 box with a window to see a bit of the product. I used "Made By" since these belts are handmade but I didn't want to use hand crafted or handmade because I feel like they are both way over used and are loosing their meaning. I used the colors red, navy and aqua on kraft paper. I was going for a fun kid style but also appealing to fashionable parents. I couln't resist building up a real box, and here it is!


I am going to be designing branding for Corvid, a brand of kids accessories. I am going for a modern and playful look. I plan to focus mostly on packaging for a leather belt.

Here are some of my sketches for the packaging. The belt will come in a box with a band around it. The circle is a logo I have but didn't want to take the time to draw each time until I am in the stages closer to finishing. I printed out a "template" to use as a size guide, you can see the actual logo on those sketches toward the bottom. 

Here are some of my favorite sketches I have started to work with on the computer. 


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