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Step 1: Source Text

I chose, as my source text, the poem "John M. Church" from Edgar Lee Masters' Spoor River Anthology.

The poem tells the story of a young lawyer turned corrupt for his own glory, and I was drawn to it because I was interested in exploring what happens to us as our hearts become corrupt.  We are all corrupt by virtue of being human, and we all make decisions that we know to be "wrong."  I tried to focus less on the judgment of right and wrong, but more on how we allow ourselves to get pulled into making those decisions and how those decisions affect the world around us.

Step 2: Script

Step 3: Logline

What does stealing baseball cards have in common with the destruction of evidence?  A twelve-year-old boy and a young lawyer find out as these decisions will lead down a road that will alter the course of their lives forever.   



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