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Corrupted Nature Guardian

Hello, folks!

I've really been looking forward to this class--character and creature design is some of my favorite stuff in the world. Thanks to Ms. Bowater for making this happen!

I have an ongoing project for which I still need several character and creature designs. The one I chose to go with for this class is a design for a Corrupted Nature Guardian.  The project already has a few stylistic guideposts in place for other chatacters/creatures I've worked on, so I tried to keep these in mind as I worked out thumbnails. (While, of course, not thinking TOO hard about it.)

I pulled the thumbs that seemed to resonate the best and worked them up a bit. A couple of them moved pretty far beyond their original thumbnails.  I knew I wanted the final design to have big destructive forearms, so I played that up in each of the thumbs.

I really liked the design for Guy #1, but he seemed too put-together to be Corrupted--more of a character than a creature. So I set aside that design to possibly explore another time.  #5 felt a little far off from what I was shooting for, so I nixed it from the potential list as well. Which leaves us with...

I am leaning towards either #2 or #6, because they both have a vaguely avian quality to them that is a motif for the overarching story.  However I really am a fan of giant horrible mouth monsters, so I would be happy to fiddle around with the designs of either #3 or #4 to make them work for the concept.  

I welcome comments, critique, and opinions from my fellow students! :) Thanks, y'all!

Update: Variations

Thanks so much for your comments, folks! I decided to go with #2, because it has the most votes, and #4, because Charlie picked it and as she's directing this class I am inclined to go with her suggestions. :)  I probably overdid it, but this gives me a lot of options and bits/pieces to Frankenstein together if need be.

One comment that stuck out was that the title of the project--Corrupted Nature Guardian--was not being strongly reflected in the designs. With this in mind, I made a specific effort to make each of these designs look corrupted, and of nature. I had varying levels of success (I added the grey line behind the designs because I saw it in another student's project and I liked the grounding effect it had):

Let me know what you all think! I'll probably pick one of each to further refine/develop and then work up, unless you all believe there is one in particular that is head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks!


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