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Corrie's Performing Arts Studio

Corrie's Performing Arts Studio was founded by local performing artist Corrie Pelser who recently received her masters in flute performance and has been a dance choreographer and performer since she was in grade school. Her experience in growing up in the arts has inspired her to start her own studio and teach the love and appreciation for the arts that she has developed. The studio recently opened it's doors in Whittier California where she and her husband Richard currently reside. Classes in musical performance (guitar, piano, and various wind instruments) and a variety of fdances including ballet, tap, hip hop, and modern, are held daily to people of various ages and skills. The target, however, remains children from the ages of 5-15. 

Corrie see's her brand as having masculine and feminine traits. The brand invokes feelings of Warmth, Passion (for the arts), and an emphasis for the individual. Brand values include a sense of tradition, professionalism, trustyworthiness, fun, and expertise. 


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