Corona Virus Short Ideas - Ali Gambo

Corona Virus Short Ideas - Ali Gambo - student project

Corona Virus Short Ideas - Ali Gambo - image 1 - student project


A relationship begins between an overweight man, David, who is desperate to lose weight and change himself and a "fit" man who he crosses paths with at a park during the Covid19 pandemic during his routined government-approved workout. David begins to receive flirtatious messages from the fit guy hidden in the park. He becomes even more determined to lose weight and self sabotages the situation when he changes himself, as he believes the fit man couldn't like or desire someone like himself as he was. 


Future Zoom

During the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lonely middle-aged man receives a phone call from himself in an alternative universe. Me -1 and Me -2 are two different personalities one is on the brink of suicide, and the other is managing well, their lives are basically the same and one is more optimistic than the other and Me-2 has to talk Me-1 out of committing suicide.


The Diary

A person is reading a diary entry from the same year via Zoom, intermingled with archive footage, similar, to a letter to themselves series reading their 2020 hopes and dreams fuelled by visual images of the city.