Cornflower Johnson

Name: Cornflower Johnson

  • Flower to her second boyfriend
  • Corn to her friends and the others
  • Her real name is used only by her aunt


  • hair: black, curly, unruly, long
  • grey eyes, triangle face, wide mouth, crooked nose, brace
  • tall, very slim
  • She wears baggy T-shirt, skinny jeans and trainers


  • strengths: creative, decisive, determined, passionate, altruistic, insightful
  • weaknesses: too much sensitive, extremely private,perfectionistic, introverted person


  •  when she is nervous, she biting her nails
  • can burn out easily
  • always need to have a cause
  • she afraids of: ants ( she says: they are so tiny and they are stinging), sea and oceans, cars
  • she sings when she has a shower

Hobbies: sinnging, writing lyrics, cycling, visiting theatres, watching black and white films


  • only child
  • her parents had car accident ( They died. She was with them  in car. She was 11 years old.)
  • move to her mother´s sister ( Her parents were independent, wild and spontaneuos, out-going people. Her aunt is conservative strict person with prejudices. Cornflower doesn´ t like her.
  • When she was 14, she met her best friend Erica. They have got true friendship. Cornflower believes only her.


  • She wants to become a singer but her aunt doesn´t agree with her dream. She sais to Cornflower: "You have got any talent but you are smart. You will study medicine".
  • She has boyfriend but she doesn´t love him.

What happens: 

  • She meets one boy. She falls in love with him.  He helps her to gain confidence and courage. She decides to study singing

* I study English only at school. I hope that you excuse my grammatical errors.


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