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A ridiculously easy way for busy Mumbaikars to order everyday grocery & household items from their local grocery stores and have it delivered within 20 minutes.

Use Cases


  1. As a shopper, browse items by grocery store/category
  2. As a shopper, pick items and place an order
  3. As a shopper, receive order confirmation
  4. As a shopkeeper, receive order
  5. As a shopkeeper, confirm order
  6. As a shopkeeper, confirm delivery
  7. As a shopkeeper, keep an updated inventory


  1. Add reviews
  2. Track monthly purchases and expenditures
  3. Save favorite items
  4. Create lists
  5. Find new items, specials and coupons
  6. Add family members to the same account
  7. A way for grocery owners to have an online presence - update inventory, engage with consumers through daily specials and coupons.   

Wizard of Oz

Since this idea requires the store to process orders, I’m not sure how I can wizard of oz this. One way I can think is to partner with one grocery store, get their inventory, create a google form to let people select items and I would personally collect the information to place an order with the store. If it works with one store, I can scale to more stores.

Lego Pieces Shortlist (in progress)

  1. Website (Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, Uncommon, Shopify)
  2. Database (Google Forms, Wufoo, Formstack, Typeform)
  3. Payments/ Refunds/ Coupons (Hosted Payment Pages, Recurly, Moonclerk, Helium,, Gumroad, Celery)
  4. Customer Support/ Emails/Newsletter (Recurly)
  5. Send order via SMS to store (Twilio, TextMarks, EZTexting)

Information I need

  1. Sample Store Inventory with prices

  2. Few first hand research/interviews on how people currently order groceries by calling their local grocery store. Ask questions like:

  • Triggers: When do you call your local grocery store to place an order for delivery? How often do you place an order - multiple times a day/ once a day/ few times a week/ once a week/ few times a month/ once a month/ never
  • Discovery: How do you find the grocery store or their phone number? Do you order different items from different grocery stores? How do you decide where to buy it from?
  • Place Order: What kind of items do you usually place an order for? Do you care for specific brands? Do you have a favorite list of items you order frequently? Are there items you never order over the phone? What do you do when the item you want is not available? Do you like it if the grocery store owner suggests an alternate/ new item? Does your grocery store share specials/ coupons? How likely are you to buy grocery items that have a special vs. the specific item you need? What is the typical quantity of items you order?
  • Delivery: How soon do you usually expect your order to be delivered? What happens when one of the items is missing or wrong? What happens if you are not available to answer the door during the time of delivery?
  • Payment: Do you prefer paying via with a credit card/ debit card/ internet banking/ cash on delivery? Will you use this service if it only took credit/ debit cards?
  • Track: Do you track your monthly purchases and expenditures? How important is it for you to track your spontaneous everyday purchases from your local grocery store?
  • Customer Service/Support: How important is it for you to know your local grocery store guy?


1. Should I go mobile first or start with a website?


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