Cornershop Jesta

Cornershop Jesta - student project

My name is Tejas and I am from Coventry, UK.

I am not a designer but with hard work and persistance I have just started my own T-shirt brand. 

Cornershop Jesta story is a place where the magic happens.

Things that you see on the shelves of convenience stores / cornershops come to life. Whether it's fruit vegetables or the morning paper - they all are personified. 

However, our opening collection focuses on our logo. 

Would love to hear feedback from you all.

Thank you..

Cornershop Jesta - image 1 - student project

Cornershop Jesta - image 2 - student project

Cornershop Jesta - image 3 - student projectCornershop Jesta - image 4 - student project