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Tejas Patel

Founder of Cornershop Jesta



Cornershop Jesta


Cornershop Jesta are a graphic tee company based in Coventry, UK. 

Established in the summer of 2014, we love the creative journey we are on at the moment. As a family business we produce work that is honest as we aspire to create a lifestyle through our designs. As the name suggests we don't take ourselves too seriously. With each t-shirt we aim to tell a story and a chance to enter a world of pure imagination. Our influences are a plenty - whether it is movies to comics or music to sport - there is a tale to be told.

We are always working on something new and putting the finishing touches on a future design. Sometimes it's just a case of dotting the i's and printing the tees. 

Why Cornershop Jesta? The Cornershop, as a child was a place that took you to a magical place full of sweet and chocolates and you could spend hours in their wanting everything.  

.. And Jesta ... Well .. firstly, it is an anagram of my name Tejas and secondly as a comic book geek growing up I always routed for the bad guy. The ultimate bad guy, in my humble opinion, was the Clown Prince of Crime. The Ying to Batman's Yang. That's right the Joker.

Please see below our Class Contest project: I hope you all like it. 

The t-shirt is printed on a black tee and printing was outsourced to a DTG printer in the UK. 




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