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Cornered! The story of a turtle with a "Square Shell."

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me!"

Sadly, being called names DOES hurt, and being bullied makes kids feel sad and lonely. Sometimes it helps to have someone remind us that we are all special in our own way, and sometimes, we just have to find out for ourselves!

A friend and I have started a series of books about a turtle named Sheldon. He's a curious turtle who likes music, sports, and eating flies. In fact, he's pretty normal except for one thing, his shell is square and not round. And all Sheldon wants more than anything is to "fit in" and look like every other turtle. But because he looks different, all the kids tease him and call him names. Sheldon's mom tries to tell him his four-cornered shell is a gift, but he's not buying it. One day he has to do one of the bravest things he's ever done and he relaizes that who he is on the inside is what really matters.

Sheldon was brought to me as an idea from an old friend whom I haven't seen in almost 30 years. I told him to write me a script and then I would create the physical aspect of Sheldon. I then created a storyboard which helped both of us see if my vision was the correct one. We first created a mobile app, and then just recently created a paperback book about Sheldon. We have two books done and we're starting on our third this summer. This storyboard is from book two which I described above. It's called Cornered! And the great things about storyboards is you can map out shots that you want and your vision for the book. And you know for this book, we really nailed it. The book isn't too far from the original storyboards. I'd love your feedback.

Later on, I'll post some of the finished images.

Since this book is already published, we probably won't make the changes to the book, but I'd love to create an animation of this story, so I'll take all of the comments and flesh out a story in this class. Thanks for al the comments. Great Questions, Leo!


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