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I realized when working on the first class of this trilogy that calligraphy was not my thing. However, I had already signed up for this class and, loving the pen like I do, I wanted to see the vidoes on color and ink.

This class was more fun, probably because I had given up the idea of precision and I was delighted to find some cool images I could create with the pens.

Such as:

Cartoon birds on a wire.


I tried to draw something more like the assignment requirements. Every time my hand would twitch just when i thought it was going well. Here are some efforts.




These are my "official project" designs.


The one on the left incorporates strokes from this class but the one on the right really looks like corn. We grow a lot of corn in this area. It's my favorite of all the designs I tried to create. Even the mulch at the base looks right.

Thanks, Alice, for an informative, interesting class and, most of all, for introducing me too this great pen.


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