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I signed up for this class because I am often called upon to make fruit trays for events and I usually photograph them in order to repeat what I did if that one is popular. The cover photo went fast.

At the store I shopped and came home with watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries, limes and bananas. Because I wanted to eat the banana, I started with it. These are the photos of a reject. I'll work with the others later and will determine which I want to be my "official project." (I suspect it will be the personal watermelon. It's absolutely gorgeous.)

Banana reject.


 Whole fruit. I went for black background to make the yellow pop. 


Already browning


Slices from top


I love the way the moisture and seeds show up in the close-up.


More standard view


One problem with using bananas is how quickly they brown after cutting. But look at the cute little face. Scowling at me for trying to prop it up. :)


Am looking forward to moving to the next fruit option. :)

My next experiment was with canteloupe. It didn't really thrill me so here's another possible reject.

This was kind of like a mood board but is decision-making board. I could only use 4 elements other than the whole and I had 5. I knew I would use juice because I loved the shine it gave under the bright light in the kitchen but these three were the finalists. I had about 4 more I also liked.


Here are the five final images.

Whole fruit. I liked the close up of the texture but wasn't sure it would count as "whole."


Seeds. I opted out of the half even though I like the picture.






Juice. Difficult choice but I like the pattern of the reflective shine in this one.


Still have strawberry and watermelon to go. Hoping one of those will make me immediately say, "This is the one."

I substituted corn for watermelon.


Last but not least, the strawberry.


It's a toss-up. I like the natural light on the berries. All the rest were done at night with artificial light. But I like the variety on the corn, despite the problems with the whole ear photo. My back drop was too small and that was all I had. Plus I had two other parts of the corn I left out, the silks and the cob after I had eaten the corn.

I'm open to suggestions. Should this project be called "Corn" ot "It's the Berries"?


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