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Cori's Life List


Jumping in: A first pass on my list

I've had a life list for a very long time--five years, I think. I've crossed a few things of my list:

  1. Get a tattoo

  2. Read Lord of the Rings. Even the Appendices. 

  3. Have my own office, even if it's at home

  4. Learn Java

  5. Fall in love again with someone I really respect who really respects me and loves me back

  6. A sixth thing that's more private than I want to share here.

There are a lot of things that have been on this list for a long time, but just about everything after #74 has been added in the past year, to replace the ones I took off when they didn't mesh with my life any more. My life has changed a lot recently--I got a new job, got divorced, and finally really started digging out of a really depressing part of my twenties. There were some things on there that just weren't goals I felt connected to anymore, so I edited them pretty mercilessly. Frankly, I'm pretty pleased that more than half of these goals have stuck around for most of my adulthood. 

  1. Visit every continent (6/7) 

  2. Live in Paris

  3. Eat a dinner at a 3 star restaurant

  4. Own a home, if only a vacation home

  5. Live alone for at least six months 

  6. Keep a journal again

  7. Value myself and my opinion of myself more than other people’s opinions of me 

  8. Join a band

  9. Travel overseas with close friends

  10. Learn how to make a cappuccino

  11. Raise livestock

  12. Travel overseas with my mother

  13. Send my son where he wants to go to school

  14. Use a job I have as a chance to make something I really value

  15. Earn more than 100k a year

  16. Throw a big grownup party and get all my favorite people to come

  17. Exercise enough that I’m thin enough to wear what I want, strong enough to do what I want, and fit enough to eat what I want

  18. Learn what besides sex, food and other experiences I’ve already had really makes me happy. Do that as much as possible.

  19. Learn to ride a horse, western style

  20. Climb one of of the seven summits

  21. Tour French wine country

  22. Go on safari in south africa

  23. See all five great apes in the wild (Gorillas, Chimps, Humans)

  24. Give my family a year of ridiculously generous birthday gifts

  25. Camp in the backcountry of an American National Park for a week

  26. Have beautiful skin

  27. Spend a whole week going to the beach and reading fun books and doing nothing else.

  28. Make quilts for all the beds in my house (Part way through quilt one)

  29. Knit a favorite sweater

  30. Teach my son how to cook

  31. Know exactly where all of my money is going and what it's doing for me

  32. See the wildebeest migration

  33. Sleep under the stars

  34. Live in New York city

  35. Learn differential equations

  36. Have a room set aside as a library

  37. Learn to bake without recipes

  38. Get paid to speak publicly

  39. Sing pub songs in Ireland

  40. Visit Prague

  41. Visit New Zealand and find an empty place to hang out in for a while

  42. See Celtic ruins on the solstice--preferably Newgrange

  43. Learn to surf

  44. Live in a house by the sea

  45. Learn to drive a stick shift

  46. Go on an Isak-Dinesen-style glamourous adventure

  47. Cook and serve a 10 course meal

  48. See machu picchu (Just missed this one two summers ago--someone claimed to be able to get us tickets...and then we showed up at the town at the foot of the mountain...and they couldn't. I got to wander around other awesome Incan ruins with ancient dogs though!)

  49. Circumnavigate

  50. Travel to space

  51. Build a tree house

  52. Make turkduckin for a holiday dinner

  53. Keep fresh flowers in the house at all times

  54. Have window boxes

  55. Visit Alaska with my friend Luke

  56. Buy myself nice jewelry--things made to last that I will pass down someday.

  57. Go to Carnival in Rio

  58. See the northern lights

  59. Travel somewhere so remote that you have to fly and land on a non-runway

  60. Get good at keeping in touch with people

  61. Learn fair isle knitting

  62. Climb trees with my son

  63. Walk on hot coals

  64. Celebrate the solstice somewhere it doesn't really get dark

  65. See the Daily Show Live

  66. Perform in a burlesque show, and do it well (first one, check, doing it well, not so much)

  67. Learn to use my DSLR without presets but just as quickly

  68. Travel to desert cultural sights on camel

  69. Own my own motorcycle (just for me, not to share) and know how to drive it really well

  70. Read on average one book a week for five years in a row.

  71. Invent a few of my own amazing cocktails

  72. Find a perfume that really suits me and wear it almost every day

  73. Maintain a code base (This is going to happen this year because of a project I just got assigned at work)

  74. Visit Indonesia

  75. Visit Baja California and live off ceviche, tequilla, tacos and sun for a couple weeks

  76. Visit my roots in Scotland and Italy

  77. Get a tattoo somewhere that shows even when I’m not in a bathing suit

  78. Go to SDCC in costume

  79. Become truly expert in something

  80. Travel with my brothers

  81. Build a website for myself that i love (working on this one)

  82. Learn to sail

  83. Do yoga three times a week for a year, and hopefully even after that

  84. Visit Petra

  85. Visit Angkor Wat

  86. Get another graduate degree

  87. Learn 20 styles of dance as well as possible--well enough that I don't compulsively apologize for my lack of skill prior to starting.

  88. Learn how to really properly play an instrument--to the degree that you won’t be embarassed to play in front of people.

  89. Learn to Blow Glass

  90. Read Gabriel Garcia Marquez  and Pablo Neruda in Spanish

  91. Fly in a fighter jet

  92. Memorize one role from Shakespeare

  93. Ride every rollercoaster in cedar point

  94. Tour Belgium, Britain, and Germany tasting beer with my best friend Bill.

  95. Thank my favorite authors
  96. Go skydiving.

I'm on the hunt for 5 more items, because I like to keep 100 things on the list at all times. I'm hoping that I die someday with 100 things still on this list, and at least 100 things that have been moved to the list of things I've done. 

Some of these are on Go Mighty, but not all of them. I need to get on that shit. Here's the currently incomplete list: RL XP


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