Corgi and Plumeria

Corgi and Plumeria - student project

Corgi and Plumeria - image 1 - student project

So, this is my attempt. I see a lot of mistakes (I have trouble staying on task and jump and skip tasks, go back). Alas, this is how I learn. I'm pretty proud of my guy here.) Also, was heavy handed with the dark spots at times. I came to understand Dr. Ph much better. I loved this method and I will be practicing and using it again. I started with a subject of personal interested because it gets me going, but I intend to practice the squirrel and the llama, which I suspect will be my biggest challenges with the stroke. As you see, I had trouble staying uniform with strokes and direction. 

Amarilys, you are the bomb. You are hand down one of my favorite artists and instructors, from your skill to your enthusiasm and your ability to articulate what you're accomplishing as you do it. 

Thank you.

Elena Shadle
Paint all the things!