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Corgi Mark

For my animal mark I chose to go with a corgi becasue I absolutely love these little dogs. They tend to be energetic and have nice action movement. Here is my mood board:

I decided to go with the corgi running on the grass since it showed a good profile view and could easily be recognized as a corgi. 


My first skethes weren't that great, I was concetrating too much on the natural form of the dog and not stylizing it enough. Once I started sketching the corgi out in geometric shapes, the logo started to form much more nicely. 

Final sketch:

After I traced the sketch I added color and some more shading to the mark. I still have to finalize the mark with gridding (which I've never done before but think I get the jist of) but I would love some feedback before I start finalizing it!

Mark before gridding:

Attempting to apply the grids:

I've never gridded before, so I'm sure I didn't do it correctly, but it still helped me to refine my design. After placing the circles, I found that I needed to make quite a few adjustments. 

Here is the mark that I feel is finished:

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!

Updated mark, I tried to bring back the Corgi personality to the design:


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