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Desiree Vaniecia

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Photographer



Coral Reef

The reason I chose to take this class was because I wanted to explore the idea of pattern design. I love drawing but I for a while, I never branched out and did anything with my drawings but left them on random sheets or paper or let them go untouched in a sketchbook, so I am trying to branch out. 

For my illustration,I decided to focus on a coral reef. I don't know exactly how the thought came to my head, but I really liked how it was intricate and that it was an ecosystem-based under water. For my drawing, I did start off sketching using a pencil and then I traced over the original pencil drawing with a V5 pen. 

When I initially started to cut my original drawing, I made a mistake. It took about an hour to fix it. I was cutting in the wrong direction, then I assembled it wrong. I know that it is a simple task but I managed to make it the most difficult thing. Needless to say, I was able to attach all the pieces together, I then made a copy of the original drawing and then try to cut it again. I decided to focus on the diagonal cut because I felt as though the pattern was really intricate and would look more complex if I did it that way.

Here is my final drawing of the project. 


I added the squid and school of fishes after assembling. I do not have access to a xerox machine so I decided to create my pattern through photoshop. 


There are a few parts that don't line up but other than that, it turned out really well and I am proud of the finished product. I have never colored anything digitally, so that will be added on to the list of challenges to do next. I plan on perfecting this and make patterns for future art pieces.

Thank you so much for providing this class, I greatly enjoyed it. 


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