Copywriting for the charity Beaver Water World

I am currently improving my skillset to start a career in Graphic Design and after speaking to several business owners and other Graphic Designs, discovered what a valuable skill copywriting is to this industry. It saves time to have a Graphic Designer who can copywrite and set you apart from the crowd.

As part of a revamp for the charity Beaver Water World (www.beaverwaterworld.com/) I have decided to redesign their website, including new copy that I have produced. This prompted me to take an interest in this class and sign up.

The first video of the class has been an eye-opener to how effective copy writing can be.

Message: Beaver Water World is a small yet reliable/trustworthy charity catering for a wide variety of animals other than just beavers. The charity is run by volunteers.

Action: Encourage people to visit, volunteer and donate. (simply put go, and give).

Define your audience: The audience I will be encouraging to visit are mothers / fathers of families with young children from toddlers to age 10. This includes:

  • Stay at home Mums/Dads
  • Mums/Dads who work part time

Children may also visit the website, but will not be the consumer/volunteer/donator that the website should be aimed at.

They could be looking for something do as a family during the weekend, half term or longer school holidays. They may have limited family time together, limited funds or both. They worry about the safety of their child and being able to relax when out as a family. They worry about food and toilet facilities when they are out, but may bring a packed lunch. They want their children to be content.



Yesterday I watched more of this course and have developed the following questions/discussions for my audience:

1. Walk me through the last time you visited an animal centre/zoo, what was your experience like?

2. How could the experience have been improved?

3. What was the worst part of the experience?

4. Why did you go to this particular animal centre/zoo?

5. Who did you take with you?

6. In your opinion, did the people you took with you enjoy the experience? Why?

7. Which other animal attractions would you like to visit?

10. Are there any animal attractions that you would not visit? Why?


If you have any ideas / advice, I would be very appreciative if you could drop me a comment below. 


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