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Copywriting: The Psychology Of Your Irresistible Offer

It was around 10 hours ago when I published my next class: Copywriting: The Psychology Of Your Irresistible Offer

This is the third class of my copywriting series.

Link: http://skl.sh/20cHv9F

My previous students (4700+) got a notification and they slowly started enrolling in the class.


I created a secret Facebook group called "Vladimir's Launch Team" I posted few announcement before the launch date, so people know exactly which day my launch is.

Once my course was approved I also posted free links to the official Skillshare Facebook page.


Some of the people from my launch team already upgrated to premium accounts which is great for Skillshare and myself.

I uploaded a sample project assignment, because this helps students get a clear idea on what to do.

I've tweeted to my followers:


... but I'm not sure if my tweet got to many people.

I've got my first question and I wrote a 241 word answer. I strive to always help my students, answer their questions and be there for them.

I also have an email list with 235 subscribers but I haven't mailed them yet.

As by now (10 hours after my launch course) I managed to enroll 36 people. My whole purpose was to break the 25 enrollments barrier so my class starts trending.

I succeeded.

Now I will focus on more enrollments and actively helping people and encouraging them to do their project assignments. (As this helps my class rank better)

My advice to new instructors:

1) Focus on building a huge following. It makes your marketing efforts much easier

2) Create high quality content that actually helps people achieve the result they want to solve the problems they have.

3) Be there for your students and always address their questions and concerns.

4) After you launch, your number one priority is to get these 25 students. Do it in the shortest possible time.

Link to my class: http://skl.sh/20cHv9F



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